Monday, July 11, 2011


We are headed west tomorrow for a little visit to San Diego! This will be the 4th trip CC has made to Cali, and let me just tell you, it is much easer to fly with a 2 month old than with a 10 month old. When she was tiny she just slept on the Boppy the whole time, but as she got bigger she slept less and less, and by the last time we flew I couldn't even hold my mini bottle of wine because she was so wiggly.
"I am so ready. Let's hit the road! Cali, here I come!"

This time Grandpa Bob has procured our tickets using his ridiculous amount of frequent flyer miles, and so he actually bought CC her very own seat! I am psyched about this for a few reasons, the least of which being that maybe she will get seated away from me and someone else will have to entertain her for the 6 hour flight and I can read in peace and eat all her snacks. Also, now I can bring the car seat on board and use it to restrain her so I don't spend the entire flight in fear of losing altitude and her flying through the air like an olive at one of our family Christmas dinners.

San Diego is awesome and I suggest to each and every one of you that you go there immediately. Here are are few things we are looking forward to over the next two weeks!
"I'll still be able to check Facebook right?"

1. Eating our weight in carne asada burritos. Mexican food in Cali is the real deal. In New England, it makes me depressed so I don't bother.
"I don't know papagayo. She mentions mexican food and this is the picture she goes for? I'm mortified."

2. Going to the Wild Animal Park and The San Diego Zoo! CC has already been to the zoo, but I think she might like it better this time around. Also, the last time I went to the Wild Animal Park I was pregnant and distracted by the frozen slushie stand. WHICH WAS CLOSED. So this time I am getting my slushie.

3. Meeting my squishy!!! I cannot wait to finally get my hands on my little nephew. I only hope I can cram all his toes into my mouth at the same time.
"Watch out CC. There's a new cutest baby ever in town."

4. Spending some quality pool time with my SIL and CC. CC loves pools and she has a little floaty she can ride around in! She is psyched. So am I. Since we will be hands-free in the pool this time, I can hold a cocktail.
"Stock photo. Gets the point across nicely if you ignore the fact that I am pregnant in this picture."

5. Snuggling my bestie's new baby girl!!! I cannot wait to get a real live look at the little pouty face on this adorable baby.

"Currently awaiting permission to post photo of ridiculously gorgeous baby girl."

6. Taking CC to Tijuana. Just kidding everyone. Let's be serious. CC is more of a Cabo kind of girl.

7. Driving around in my parent's two seater convertible. Without my child. Obviously.
bmw z3 roadster
"This will surely elevate my MILF status."

8. Shopping! I love to shop and have not bought very many new clothes since I had my baby. I happen to have a birthday coming up and am super excited to let my mom buy me some new goodies that maybe will actually fit me, rather than requiring me to walk around holding my breath and using a hair elastic to keep my pants closed. I will not be buying anything for CC. Please see below to understand why.
"This was taken before she was born. It is much worse now. I just can't help myself"

I will make every effort to write blog posts when I am gone, but on the real, that might be a bit too much to expect from myself. I will however promise to take lots of pictures and tell you all about our trip when we get home. Catch you all on the flipside!

"What do you mean Uncle Mason isn't coming? That is ridiculous! I'm not going if he's not going."


  1. OMG! Hillarious! She is so freaking adorable and wow...her closet looks way better then mine! I am totally showing E that picture so he can see you shop more then me! LOL! Have a super safe trip and enjoy those squishies!! Oh how I miss the squishies!

  2. I love this post!! This is hysterical!! :)