Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Beginning...

so yesterday I turned 32 years old. that in itself is no major accomplishment, but I have to say I used to look at my 30's as a time when I would be O.L.D. needless to say, the reality is nothing of the sort!

I am also 8 months pregnant with our first child, a baby girl (so they tell me!), and we are in a stage of constant and anxious waiting, wondering, and preparing. sleep has become elusive and so have my toes, not to mention my bikini area - YIKES.

this seems as good a time as any to start (finally!) recording a little of my life and sharing with the world, something many do so well, but which I resisted for a very long time. so, in the beginning of this new year, with my brand new bundle of joy almost here, and a new (old) house constantly demanding attention and love and decorating, maybe I can finally begin to make some sense out of how I got here in the first place, where I hope my future takes me, and the bumpy, tumultuous, hilarious, and often unexpected turns in the road that gets me there! thanks for coming along for the ride!

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