Friday, March 25, 2011


finally. a finished letter to my darling girl. now, I am challenging myself to go back and write her letters for the previous five months! man does it feel good to finish something. :)

March 14, 2011

Dear Caroline,

            Today you are 6 months old! It is unbelievable how quickly you are growing and changing, but is all amazing. You sit up all by yourself now, and you have been eating like crazy! You love cereal, and fruits and veggies, but you especially love teething cookies. I think it is safe to say that you might have your Mommy’s sweet tooth. You are just like your Dad in that when you are hungry, you want to eat NOW. I love seeing both of us in you, and as your personality emerges more and more every day, the little ways in which you are like us make us smile. You are your own person though as well, and we love seeing the unique traits that make you our little girl. You know what you like and you will accept no substitutes! You LOVE your kitties, and they are sometimes nice enough to let you pat them. You smile at anyone who talks to you, and you bring such joy to everyone who meets you. I feel so blessed to have you as my daughter.

            You spent most of the winter holed up inside with Mommy, but you also went to California three times! Your family all love you very much, and everyone wants to spend time with you, so we did everything we could to make sure you could meet all of them. We feel incredibly lucky that you got to see your three great-grandparents in San Diego, since they are all over 90 years old and you are their first great-grandchild. You get to see your other great-grandma almost every week here in NH, and it is safe to say that they all love and adore you more than you can ever know. You are such a light in the lives of everyone around you.

            You and I spend our days together, since I am lucky enough to be able to stay home with you, and I hope we will always be as close as we are right now, and have as much fun as we do! Daddy works hard so we can give you the gift of a stay-at-home parent, and I love every second of being with you. You are bright, sweet, curious, funny, charming, and beautiful. At times, I simply cannot believe that you came from my body, that we created you, that I lived without you in my life for so long. You are my miracle, my lovely girl, my daughter.

            I have given you many nicknames, and you will most likely beg me when you are fifteen to stop calling you by most of them, but until then you will always be, Mommy’s little bird, a nice hummingbird, a sweet honeybee, a little bitty bug, a lovely ladybug, a snuggle-cuddle-bug, an itty-bitty bean, a sweet jellybean, a tiny butterbean, the smallest one, a tiny bun, my honeybun.
            I love you little bird. Happy 6 months. Love, Mommy

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