Monday, November 7, 2011

Never Doubt A Mother's Intuition!

As many of you found out over the weekend via my facebook page, we discovered on Friday that we are having a BABY GIRL! My dad lasted until Saturday morning. So now the world gets to know!

I have to say that I never doubted that it would be another girl. So much so that I may have bought new girl stuff that is way too small for CC in previous weeks. I thought GIRL for the following reasons.

1. Death sickness for many, many weeks of early pregnancy. I was so so so sick. I know you all know this. They say that girls make you sicker than boys. I was just as sick with CC. And everything else about the pregnancy felt exactly the same. So I said early on that it must be another girl and that my daughters start out their tiny lives by trying to drive me insane. I assume it will get worse as they get older...

2. Dreams and life visions. I just never was able to get my head around the idea of a boy. I could not see myself with a boy, I could not think of boy names, I could not visualize our life with a boy in it. I think this was my inner self telling me not to bother because I was full of estrogen. It was always very easy to visualize girls and girl stuff and girl names. This all might be total crap, but it definitely is part of why I thought both of my babies were girls before knowing for sure.

3. The hairline test. I found this business online where I get all of my important information. Check it out. It works LIKE MAGIC! However, it only works if you already have one child. Sorry first timers!

Bill reacted to the news of another baby girl with the following statement. "OH MY GOD. I have to pay for two weddings. And mow the lawn for the rest of my life." Bill tends to be slightly dramatic and had to sit down in the ultrasound room, then made a big deal of googling adoption websites and talking about what country could provide him with the largest boys to help him with yardwork and roofing. I told him to stop being sexist and just teach our daughters how to do that crap.

Anyway, we are totally thrilled, and I am especially excited because not only do I get to keep and reuse all of my adorable baby girl clothes ( and you KNOW there are SO MANY!!), because these two will be in opposite sizes in opposite seasons I also get to buy NEW STUFF! I have already started. You know this. 

Thanks for all the excitement and well wishes!! We could not be happier!

"Like I would have put up with a boy sharing my room. Also, being the big sister is going to be awesome. I'M THE BOSS NOW."


  1. Yeay! So happy for you! I told you I would keep the secret!

  2. Awesome, I feel the same way about girls now that I have one! Not sure what to do with a boy! Girls can landscape, I did for a few years!