Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 20 Weeks!

I realize I am about five days late posting this. Sorry. Let's all blame CC. She's the troublemaker of the house anyway. So you get TWO preggy updates this week instead of just one! You are welcome, as I know this makes everyone's day.

Baby C is halfway cooked!! And boy, is she a mover and a shaker! She still seems to have plenty of room for her womb acrobatics and when she is awake, she takes full advantage of all that space. I think she must realize that she is growing fast and soon she won't be able to move around very much at all. I'm enjoying this part because she can't quite deliver major kicks to my major organs, but I can still feel her moving. Its a big win for everyone!

Size of Baby: This week she is a cantaloupe! Which is ridiculous, since it is most definitely not melon season here in New Hampshire. Although we have been in the middle of a semi-heat wave, which is weird because it is two weeks from Thanksgiving...

"nicely illustrates my knife skillz"

I sort of feel that it is silly to compare her to a cantaloupe since it is fall, so we are going to go with a more appropriate and localized food here:

"mini-squash baby!"

Acorn squash. It is freaking delicious. And these days, I am all about EATING. So, go buy one of these and scoop out the middle, and then fill it with nuts and butter and brown sugar and maybe some chopped apples. Then roast it up and eat with a spoon. NOM. And try to forget that I just compared it to MY BABY while you are chomping away.

Pregnancy Cravings and Other Relevant Stuff: The other day Bill was all, "when did you get so PREGNANT?" Really Bill? Where have you been? I take that to mean that my belly continues to grow and look more grande by the minute. I am definitely wearing maternity shirts now, although some of them are big and silly looking, but not as silly as how I look whilst wearing non-maternity shirts. 

"finally wearing an appropriately sized shirt"

The cravings are weird this time around. I like steak and all, but I have almost never cooked it at home and in the last few weeks I have made it every week. I have steak in my fridge right now as a matter of fact. I pan-fry two ribeye steaks and then whip up a little whiskey cream sauce in the pan with all the steaky bits and juices. If Bill is being courteous to me that day I let him have one of the steaks. I also make garlic sauteed spinach with them and eat ALL OF IT. Again, this is not the norm for me. I could eat that garlic spinach ALL DAY LONG. So good. The trick here is to use lots of garlic and olive oil. Obviously.

I am also having a scandalous love affair with the mint hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts. It caused me to break-up with the salted caramel mocha from Starbucks. Luckily, the minty love from DD is much cheaper, so I don't think Bill will be too mad.

One last thing about being pregnant that I found amusing this past week. I went up to UNH to meet up with some family friends who were taking a tour and we had lunch at the dining hall. Let me just tell you that showing up at a college campus with a baby, while visibly pregnant, totally made me feel like Teen Mom. People were staring and I assume I looked like some kind of cautionary tale illustrating what happens when you do too many kegstands at a frat party during Homecoming. It was a good moment for me, since I love Teen Mom and I assumed the stares were because I look young and sassy enough to still be a nineteen-year old college freshman, rather than a haggard, preggy, mom type who got lost on her way to the dorm where her oldest child lives. 

The all-you-can-eat dining hall setup was pretty sweet too.

See you Friday for Week 21!

"which way to Grandpa Bob's house? he'll give me some candy. plus he has a sweet hot tub."


  1. You look amazing mama! Love the new pic of CC. She is so cute. Love the cravings, I wanted pizza and fruit all. the. time.

  2. LOVE the belly pic :) Hope to see it in person soon!!