Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Time is just FLYING by. Here is CC's 8 month letter! I love her so much. What a sap I have become in my role as Mommy. (quick question: Is anyone who knows me still blown away by the fact that I am a mother? that I have a daughter? trip out.) 

Dear Caroline,
            Happy 8 month birthday little bird! You are such a big girl these days. You always want to stand, you can hold yourself up if you have something to hang onto, and you even take little steps when holding our hands. I think you will be walking soon! You don’t seem to have an interest in crawling, but I hope you get over that, because it would be fun to see you crawl.
            You also have two teeth now and I think a third one is on its way. Those little teeth are such a powerful reminder of how big are getting and how fast time is moving. It seems like yesterday I was snuggling your little newborn self against me and now you are so busy when you are awake you hardly have time for snuggles! We cuddle at bedtime now and read stories, and you seem to love books as much as I do, thank goodness!
            You are a little chatterbox as well, and even though you are not saying any particular words, we hear lots of babble that occasionally includes ma-ma, da-da, and ca (cat?). I have a feeling one of these days you are going to just start chatting away with us, and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. It is so neat to see you learn new things and experience the miracle of all your new learning. You astound me every day with just how smart you are.
            You are still gorgeous and your personality still gets you lots of attention we when are out. You love to ride in shopping carts and you especially love the grocery store. We take lots of walks now that it is warm out, and you could ride in your stroller for hours, You look around at everything and always have such a thoughtful look on your face. You seem to constantly be taking in your surroundings and thinking about what you see, I love how mellow you are and how much you enjoy being in the world.
            You bring incredible joy and love into our lives. We say every day how lucky we are to have you and how amazing and beautiful you are. We still shake our heads in amazement when we say “our daughter.” You are so much of us, and so much yourself, and the combination is just incredible. Thank you for being our little bird, our small one, and our miracle. I love you my darling girl. Love, Mommy

"What can I say? I'm the cutest thing that ever lived."

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