Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Headband. (Thanks Glee!)

I recently attended a little Mommy and Me event with CC, and obviously I bought her some loot. Although she may not agree with me that it is amazing. We went to the event with another mommy friend and her baby (shout out to Stephanie, check out her amazing blog!) and then took a nice walk in the sunshine. I love having mommy friends because 1.) it is nice to know other people dealing with all the same baby questions, 2.) CC has little friends exactly her age to grow up with, and 3.) they enable me to do embarrassing things to my child, such as buy her flowery, feathery headbands and then take pictures of her to show her boyfriends when she is older. Fun for everyone!

Also, let's not forget that other mommies are like built-in drinking buddies who also enjoy ordering birdbath sized margaritas along with every fried item available on appetizer menus. The best kind of friends!

And now, let the humiliation ensue.
"you better believe there were tears involved here."

"but I do look pretty, so I better work it."

"feathers make me feel sneezy."

"aren't you done YET?"

"I can't wait to be bigger. then no more funny business."

"kill me."

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  1. AHAHAHAHAHAH LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the shout out!