Monday, May 23, 2011

Free Flip? Oh Yes.

A few months ago I had to buy new tires for my car, which was obviously a bummer. I mean, safety is great and all, but believe me when I tell you that I could have done way more fun things with that money. However, as I forked over my credit card to the folks at Volkswagen, I noticed an enormous sign that said "Free Flip Video Camera With Purchase of Four Continental Tires!"


I happened to be paying for four such tires at that moment, so I gathered up the necessary paperwork and mailed it in with a quickness. Fast forward to Saturday afternoon, when my new FREE Flip video camera showed up in the mail. I'm in love. This thing is the business.

First of all, it is super small and lightweight. It also seems pretty tough to break, which is always a plus in my world. It runs on two AA batteries, but there is a rechargeable battery pack available. And best of all, the USB is built right in, so all I have to do is flip that bad boy open and plug it into my computer. No figuring out where the heck I put the cord! Holla!

Now, clearly since this thing was free it is a base model, 4 GB, 1 hour recording time situation, but I don't care. I just have to upload my videos when my hour is up and clear it out. Easy. I'm a fan.

Since I wasn't in the market for a new video camera, I can't say I would have bought it on my own, but I can definitely recommend it now that I own it. It could not be any easier to function, in fact, I bet CC could handle it if I gave her a chance. (although it would obviously end up soaked in drool, so that might affect its efficacy). The uploading process is so simple even my cats could do it. If you are in the market for a pocket sized camera, this thing is your man. So check it out!

Here is a little sample video recorded with my new Flip video camera!

"Yes, as a matter of fact I COULD operate that camera. However, we all know that my place is in FRONT of the camera. So let's not forget it."

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