Thursday, May 5, 2011

My High Tech Bottle Warmer. Everyone Has One Already. And If You Don't, You Should. Even If You Don't Have A Baby.

One of the things I was on the fence about when creating my baby registry was the world of bottle warmers. I nixed the idea of a wipe warmer early on, for one because I don't have an outlet where I would want to plug it in, and for two because I think they are kind of ridiculous. (although for the first few weeks of CC's life I stuck the wipes down my shirt to warm them up for her precious bottom. so I do care.) However, the bottle warmer seemed to serve a purpose, but I just wasn't sold, you know? Plus, the reviews on those things were all over the place, so I decided to wait and see.

Fast forward to CC's arrival. We breastfeed, but started giving her bottles of pumped milk early on to make sure she would take them. She never had an issue with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, and switched back and forth between the two with no problem. So, then we had to figure out how to warm up the milk! We did the bottle in the saucepan for a bit, but I was always afraid of melting the plastic, so that didn't last long. Then one evening, I had a stroke of genius. Here it is.
"why, hello there"

I totally warm up CC's milk in a martini shaker.

I fill it with hot tap water (super hot), drop in the Medela bottle full of milk, and that's it. It takes about seven minutes to heat up a 6 ounce bottle. Then I pour it into one of her Playtex VentAire bottles (these things are the best!) and off we go.

Let's take another look at this magic.
"I swear its not vodka."

So save the space on your baby registry for the Ergo. And a Jump-Jump. Happy Thursday!

"these bottles make me feel groovy."

P.S. I guess it is worth mentioning here that Bill is claiming credit for the martini shaker idea, but I have no recollection of that ever happening. However, I can be big about it and at least acknowledge that he thinks it was all his idea.


  1. awesome. ridiculously awesome.
    she's gonna fit right in this summer!

  2. oh the party girl genes have successfully been passed on, yay!