Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Do I Teach My Daughter NOT To Embarrass Me? Or Herself? Now Taking Suggestions.

As the mother of a baby girl, I spend a stupid amount of time worrying about what kind of little person and teenager she will grow into in the coming years. My hope is that I can teach her to be kind and sweet and friendly to everyone, and that the fact that she is gorgeous doesn't go to her pretty little head. So let's all hope it works out that way, right?

Anyway, I mention this because yesterday I was in the grocery store and I witnessed one of my biggest fears. A parent allowing her 13 year-old daughter (maybe, she may have been younger) to traipse around Hannaford in her BIKINI. Totes inappropriate.

Now, I went to UNH and we all know that the second the temperature got above 60 degrees every girl on campus started strutting around in grossly inappropriate clothing that revealed vast amounts of albino white rolls everywhere. Not cool. It was embarrassing to witness and made me feel sad because you know those chicks thought they were totally hot. And now, here I am in Hannaford witnessing the same thing only now the girls are younger and it makes me shake with fear. Because I don't want to have big fights with my lovely daughter about why dressing like a skank is wrong. So we are totally taking suggestions now about how to make sure we do not have this same problem. Thanks in advance for all your help!

And, Dad, let's refrain from any comments about how my daughter's teenage antics are well deserved payback for the huge pain in the butt I was as a teen. Because obviously I was perfect.

"Picking out my own clothes is going to be SWEET."

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