Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cribs. Unfortunately, Not the MTV Kind.

Okay. I have just made a purchase.

Things are happening now. They are real. REAL.

I bought another crib. (breathebreathebreathe.)

Now, I know that the baby is not due until the end of March. It is definitely still kind of early to be worrying about a crib. CC still has her queen size bed in her room, for crawling, jumping, general laying and lolling about, and for me to lie on while she takes all her books off the shelf for. the. 500th. time. TODAY. (digression. but really. doesn't it ever get old kid?)

(As an aside, I feel like I need to express my sadness over having to get rid of the queen bed. I used it every day when CC was nursing, because I found it much more comfortable to lay back in bed and breastfeed her rather than sit up in the rocker, especially at night. Then I just had to pop her back in the crib and if I was too tired to walk across the hall, I could just sleep in her room! She never took to side-lying nursing, and we never co-slept, but that bed saved my life. I'll miss you my friend.)

I have to admit that I kind of assumed I would use the same crib for both children, because by the time the second kid came along, CC would be in a big girl bed. But that does not seem to be the case now does it? (stop laughing Dad.) CC is still in her crib and seems quite content, she can't escape from it, and it doesn't take up a lot of room. So it stays.

And now its twin is en route to my house. I went ahead and ordered it because as some of you might know, I am not as easygoing as I pretend to be, and the thought of having cribs that did not match was keeping me up at night. And, this particular crib is hard to find now. I did find it finally, at Albee Baby, with free shipping and a 10% off code, which brought the price down to $157.00. Which is CHEAP for a crib! Bill and I were given CC's crib as a gift by my brother and SIL, and we are so grateful, but we felt that hitting them up for a second crib would be rude. You know? (Love you guys!)

Anyway, the crib is this, the DaVinci Reagan crib in Pure White (which is actually cream colored, a detail they neglected to mention in the description, but at this point I'm over it). I love it. It is pretty and classic, but still has a little interest in the curves. It also has a small footprint and doesn't jut way out into the room. Here is a lovely image of it in CC's room!

"her room never, ever looks like this now. sigh."

When it arrives, my beloved queen bed will be going to live at Bill's parents house, and we will be starting a little nursery makeover! That part I am very excited about, especially once we know if I will need more pink owl and bird stuff, or if we will be looking for some more blue and brown things to make things a little more boy-friendly! 

Any guesses on the gender? I have a DEFINITE feeling, but I am keeping it to myself (except for a few of you that I have told personally). But, I am curious to know what you guys are thinking! See you on Friday for our 17 week update!

P.S. think lots of happy labor thoughts for Emily over at Daily Garnish! She is currently in labor in Seattle and getting ready to meet her baby boy! Good luck! Follow her Twitter feed for labor updates!

"Girl? Boy? Who cares. I'm still convinced this whole thing is going to ruin my life. Also this muffin has no butter on it. Consider this an official complaint about how the service is slacking around here."

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