Friday, October 7, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 15 Weeks!

So I am 15 weeks pregnant today! I am hoping to do a weekly update about this madness every Friday, but you all know how it goes when I say I am going to do something like that, so let's just take it one week at a time okay? Anyway, here are a few relevant facts regarding my baby cooking status.

Size of Baby: an apple! (appropriate for fall in NH, although less so since I am cooking apple cakes today. kind of creepy actually...)

"actual photo of Baby C. ultrasounds are so impressive these days!"

My Symptoms: still slightly nauseous in the morning, but I haven't yacked in a week and I actually ate breakfast today!!! things are definitely on the upswing (fingers crossed). I am still pretty tired, but not feeling like I want to lie on the floor of wherever I happen to be and close my eyes. Also the heartburn is starting up again, which was so bad with CC that I had to take Zantac like clockwork or I would feel like I wanted to die. So I stocked up on the stuff and am getting ready to wage war against the heartburn!

Size of Belly: I have had a little belly since about 8 weeks with this baby, although in all honesty most of that is probably due to the fact that I never lost all my baby weight the first time around. So I guess we would call that a gut. Also, depending on how much I puked in a given day the belly would come and go. These days, I definitely look pregnant, although not enough for strangers to feel comfortable asking. They probably just think I eat a lot of cake. AND THEY WOULD BE CORRECT!

My Cravings: I have really not been that hungry, mostly because puking every day for 2 1/2 months makes you a little wary of food. I never really craved anything with CC except ice cream, so I am curious to see what happens this time around. If I had to say, I would identify that I have been craving decaf cafe mochas, tomato and mozzarella with balsamic, minestrone soup (Olive Garden, holla!), chocolate cake, and noodles. Anyone want to meet for lunch at the OG or my local Thai restaurant?

So, there you have it! Fun facts about Baby #2. We don't have a nickname yet (you will remember that we referred to CC as "Squid" for the majority of my last pregnancy), but we have a few ideas we are kicking around. Bill says I can't refer to the baby as "Mocha," or "CakeFace." So we'll let you know.

CC does not really seem to have any idea that her world is going to be changing in a big way in a few months, but I am sure she will start to wonder when we set up another crib in her room! We'll let you know how that goes!

Thanks for all the well-wishes and for being along for the ride with us! 

"Baby? What baby? How can they possibly do better than THIS sassiness? I mean, have you seen my side pony?"

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  1. Bahaha love CC's side pony! And I'm so happy you haven't ben sick for over a wek!