Friday, October 21, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 17 Weeks!

So it took a little longer than it should have, but I finally feel like I am in my 2nd trimester and actually enjoying pregnancy. And, since I am waging an effective war on my heartburn and seem to be over the all-freaking-day-long sickness, I am eating again!! Holla!
"hello my friend. thank you for being my BFF for the next five months."

And now that I CAN eat, let me just assure you that I am definitely making up for lost time! NOM NOM NOM...

Size of Baby: A large onion! Obviously vidalia, because they are delicious. And, I could not decide which of these onion items I wanted more, so here are two baby onions for your viewing pleasure.

"Baby onion two ways! And both scrumptious!"

Size of Belly: round and obvious! I love it. I love looking pregnant and not fat, and I love the attention that comes from being pregnant, and all the cooing and questions from strangers. Usually CC gets all the attention, so this is fun for me and a good lesson for her to learn. Right? I do not love uninvited belly rubs from people I don't know, but I'm not really big enough yet for people to feel that draw to touch me. I do love when people I know pat my belly, so feel free to get in there if you see me!

My Cravings: CHEESECAKE. Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches. Chocolate croissants. Soups of any kind, but especially those full of lentils, beans, and pasta. Chocolate ice cream treats. Thai food and Indian food. And my crowning craving moment of the week occurred on Sunday night when I laid awake in bed for an hour, then went downstairs at 11:15 pm to inform Bill that I NEEDED a burger and fries. Unfortunately, we live in NH and nothing is open that late. So I had to go online to the Friendly's website (I totes love Friendly's) and stare at pictures of burgers and fries. Then we decided to go to dinner there on Monday night, and I made a grilled cheese and went back to bed. Disappointed. So I am guessing the baby wants MEAT! That burger, when I finally got it, was the BEST THING EVER.

I am getting super anxious to find out the sex of this baby. Like, way more than I was with CC. I just feel like I am on hold with planning and clothes sorting and nursery details and I just REALLY want to get all that stuff taken care of! But, just a few more weeks and we will have our answer! Keep your fingers crossed that Baby C keeps his/her legs UNcrossed! ha!
"Ummm. HI. Remember me? Star of this blog? Cutest thing ever? Ringing any bells? Ugh. Babies. I'm already over this whole thing. It better not touch my stuff. And that includes my cats."

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