Monday, October 3, 2011

Let's Try This Again Shall We?

It has been a long time since I wrote anything, and in that time much has happened. I am going to try to get back into the blogging thing, but I have to be honest with myself that it is harder than I thought! Anyway, here is a random update of things around here. Stay tuned for much more on all these riveting topics!

1. I am PREGNANT! Oh yes. Baby #2 is officially on the way, I am 14 weeks, and have been horribly, disgustingly, obnoxiously sick. Yacking everyday SUCKS. Blegh. Ick. I had really bad sickness with CC too, but I thought it had to do with the progesterone I was taking (more on that when I share CC's birth story, something I never got around to). Anyway, I am feeling a little more like myself again in the last few days, so I am hoping I can blog during naptime, instead of lying on the couch watching all my glorious new tv shows.

2. CC turned one. It turns out that she HATES hats. We discovered this while trying to take obligitory pictures of her in her party hat, all of which show her looking like she's dying. Which is sad for her since we live in NH and she will have to wear hats all winter long. I have her one-year letter to share, as well as some updates about all the new stuff she can do. Like walk, and destroy the living room in less than 5 minutes. Kill me.

3. We have to trade in my car to make room for Baby #2. Just WAIT until you see the ride we picked out. You'll die.

4. New seasons of EVERYTHING started on television! Thank goodness. I have so much to say about all the awesome new stuff I am watching, and over the summer I discovered a fantastic new HBO show that I can't rave enough about. CC still doesn't watch tv, but occasionally I find stuff on the DVR I did not record, and it makes me suspicious...

5. I got a Nook. I may need help with this thing.

6. I am having to cook a lot, since CC eats lots of regular food now. I may share some recipes that I have had success in getting her to eat. If I could just get her to cook, that would be perfect.

7. Mini Boden released their fall line. Swoon. I can't take it. Neither can my credit card.

8. I got a part-time job. Getting back to my roots. Not using any of my expensive advanced degrees, but, I'm having fun and I get to talk to adults once a week. Plus, no daycare! Win.

9. Bill and I are planning a little getaway before the baby gets here. I am pretty excited to get a weekend off from CC. Not that I don't love her, but girl gets up early.

10. And finally. Did I mention that I am pregnant? You should expect a ton on this subject because I did not blog my first pregnancy, and I kind of regret it. So I feel I should overcompensate this time around.

It's great to see you all again!

"Just when I thought Mommy had finally gotten the message that I'm in charge, she pulls this crap!? I have my own feelings on what's been going on around here, thankyouverymuch."

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  1. Ohhhh CC that picture is priceless! I am glad that you and Bill will get a chance to get away for a bit! I am very jealous you will get to sleep in!!!!!!!!!!!