Friday, June 17, 2011

CC's Secrets.

I am a little worried that because my child is adorable, some of you think she is also perfect and charming all the time. No. Let me assure you that she is most definitely quite the little diva when things are not the way she likes them. I can admit that I am very lucky when it comes to things like sleeping (through the night), holding her own bottle (more facebook time for Mommy), eating new things (and smearing them all over her face), and riding in shopping carts (thank goodness, we might have to break up otherwise). But, there are moments when CC's world crumbles around her and she freaks out and lays face down on the floor and screams. Here are some examples of such moments.

1. Getting her face wiped after eating. CC thinks this is some kind of torture. She sees that wet towel coming at her and she immediately throws up her (food covered) hands in a defensive maneuver that leads to a bigger mess (think yogurt and mandarin oranges in the hair). She also turns beet red and shrieks, then tries to turn her face into the high chair and kicks her feet at me. This happens every time she needs her face wiped. Not sure what's going on here.

2. Diaper changes. This did not used to be a problem. However, in the last month or so, CC has decided that when she is laying on her back, the ONLY place she wants to be is on her belly. So she rolls over. Then I flip her back. Then she rolls over again. Then I flip her back and try to hold her down, but she has superhuman baby strength and we end up in a ridiculous wrestling match where I try to keep her feet out of the dirty diaper and try to keep her from plummeting to the floor, while also trying to wipe her behind and put a diaper on her while she is upside down and grabbing the diaper and throwing it across the room. The only thing that distracts her is the light up forehead thermometer, but she usually whacks herself in the face with it and ends up screaming anyway.

3. Having the car keys taken away. Did this at Target yesterday when she set the car alarm off while we were still in the parking lot. She screamed at me pretty much the entire time we were in the store. WHAT IS IT WITH BABIES AND CAR KEYS???

4. Riding in the Ergo for more than ten minutes. CC has always had an aversion to baby carriers, which I am trying hard to rectify, but she seems to think they were all invented with the sole purpose of restraining her and ruining her life. She is cool with the Ergo for a little bit, but inevitably it always ends up with her deciding she has had enough, arching as far back as possible to try to fling herself out of it, and again, turning beet red and screaming in my face, while kicking me in the side and pinching my arms. So you can understand why she almost always rides in the shopping cart.

Don't worry, I love that little bird more than anything, and she also does many, many cute adorable lovely baby things, but I thought you might appreciate this little glimpse into the mind of Miss Thang. She is a diva baby of the highest caliber.

"I really don't believe that these revelations come as a surprise to any of you. And, when I figure out how to type, I will be getting my revenge with a little post all about Mommy."

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  1. I always judged people who let their kids wander around with messy faces. Then I tried to wipe a child's face. Why bother?
    Miss you - xo