Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My darling girl,

I cannot believe you are already nine months old, and that we have started thinking about your 1st birthday party coming up in just a few months. You are strong and smart, beautiful and bubbly, determined and quite sure of what you want in every moment. You are leaving your babyhood behind and becoming such an amazing little girl. My heart is so full of love and pride every minute of every day.

This month you have mastered the art of clapping your hands! You start this little game first thing in the morning and you just clap all day long. It is adorable. And it makes you so happy when people clap with you! We are trying to teach you to blow kisses, but so far clapping has your heart. Maybe high fives will be next?

You are also crawling now! It is so cute to see you scoot across the floor on your belly. You are not quite up on your knees yet, but I know you will figure it out soon! You are also standing very well on your own, and can pull yourself up in your crib by holding onto the railings. Yesterday you dropped your lovey and paci out accidentally and it was like the end of the world! I found you staring at the ground screaming your head off, and when we reached down to pick them up you snuggled your lovey for about ten minutes before you let me put it back in the crib. You have passion and fire in your spirit, and you can turn the drama on and off like a switch. You make me laugh every day and as your sense of self continues to be defined, I can only watch in awe as you slowly mold into the person you are meant to be.

You laugh all the time now, and it is the most adorable, musical sound I have ever heard. Your Daddy and I spend hours teasing you and tickling you and playing peek-a-boo over and over because the sound of your laughter is just intoxicating. When I was pregnant I used to imagine what it would sound like to hear you talk and laugh, and the reality of it is so much better than anything I could ever have dreamed of. Thank you for making my dreams come true little bird. I love you beyond words. Happy 9 months!

Love, Mommy

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