Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Do I Do With This Madness?

It seems that CC has been reading my blog and to get back at me for sharing all her secrets with the internet, she is SUPER into her newest trick.

Standing in the crib.

It was cute. WAS. I admit, I snapped a few pictures, told her how adorbs she was, picked her up, gave her a snuggle, and squealed, "LOOK HOW BIG AND SMART YOU ARE!!!" (kisskisshughugsnuggle)

What a freaking mistake that was.

Now she stands in her crib the very second I put her in it. Tired? Eye rubbing? Red sleepyface? Yes to all this. These used to be the signs that meant it was time to put her to bed. And I was so spoiled. My child slept great whenever I put her down. I didn't have to bribe her in any way. She sleeps almost 12 hours a night and I could just lay her down and she would go right to sleep. But now she is a practicing diva. So that means, she can be so tired her eyes are closed, but she still stands right up and screams at me. And to top it all off, she tosses her paci and lovey out on PURPOSE so she has the excuse to scream louder. This is fun for everyone.

Even the cats are over it.

So now we have trouble. Diva babies usually are. CC is nothing if not determined and absolute in what she wants to do at any moment. However, she is also tired and cranky and she doesn't want to admit that she is to blame. So I think my only option here is to  put Crisco on the crib rails and get a video monitor. Mommy always wins.

"Who's laughing now?"

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