Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's Talk About My Addiction. And Then Rationalize It.

It may be clear to you that I am a t.v. junkie. I mean, come on, I have a baby. I don't go to the movies. In fact, the last movie I saw in a theater was Shrek 4 when I was pregnant. Lame. And, going out to dinner is pretty much non-existent. I DO eat a lot of take-out, but that is not like when I used to go to nice restaurants and order three courses and pricey drinks and gaze at my baby-daddy through the glow of candlelight and sangria.

So, my source of entertainment these days is pretty much all t.v. all the time. I don't usually have it on during the day because I don't want CC to be like me, but once she's in bed, BAM. Television. I love you.

Summertime is a bad season for t.v watchers like myself. Pretty much every decent show is on summer vacation, and it makes me miss when Beverly Hills 90210 used to run a summer season where everyone worked at the Beach Club and got into trouble and Kelly stole Dylan from Brenda. Now that was some quality stuff. But, don't worry, I DVR old episodes of 90210 on Soapnet. How's that for some serious t.v. lingo?

This summer, I am watching the following shows, in addition to my current line-up of Auction Hunters, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, anything having to do with the Kardashian family, and Design Inc (I am borderline obsessed with Sarah Richardson). So if you want in, set your DVR and then we can talk about all that is good in t.v. land!

TORI AND DEAN sTORIbook Weddings: I am a huge fan of Tori and Dean. I am sure that does not surprise any of you.

"These two just make my whole day brighter."

TRUE BLOOD: Obviously. We have talked about this before. The new season starts Sunday!! Love it.

"I wish I were a vampire." 

FINDING BIGFOOT: Yes. Oh yes. I am a BELIEVER. Like, I am totally convinced that there are Bigfoots and Yetis and I can't wait until they prove it so I can be first in line for when they breed Teacup Yetis for pets. For the record, I also believe in the Loch Ness Monster, ghosts, and UFO's.
"Obvious proof that Bigfoot exists."

TEEN MOM: The original cast is back this summer! I am so excited. Don't judge me. I can't wait to see what Maci has been up to, although if you read trashy magazines, you know that she sometimes parties with Snookie. And they say getting pregnant at 16 is a bag thing!

"THIS is why I watch this crap."

ENTOURAGE: Final season of this show! I love HBO programming. They always take it one step too far and I love it. I especially appreciated the addition of Sasha Grey last season.

"Yes to all of this please."

THE BACHELORETTE: I know you are all vomming in your mouth a little right now, but let me tell you, that is NOTHING compared to Bill's reaction when he realizes it is Monday night and this show is on. He usually makes me watch it Tuesday morning, which I do because I love him. Marriage is all about compromise. Although I have to admit, I am getting a little sick of Ashley whining about Bentley all the time. I mean, COME ON. Show the girl the footage of him being a complete yuckface so she can move on already! It doesn't matter anyway though because I read Reality Steve and I totally already know who wins. If you can call securing a relationship with a girl with that kind of baggage "winning."

"12 Contestants of Bachelorette Ashley Hebert"
"Seriously annoying. But I'll watch it anyway."

P.S. I think it is important to note here that if I were still a Showtime subscriber, I would obviously be watching Weeds, but sadly I have to wait for it to go to DVD so I can Netflix it. So nobody better tell me what happens this season.

"I love this chick."

"I am thinking I might be adopted? Because I would NEVER watch any of this junk. What garbage. Give me NatGeo anyday."

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