Monday, June 13, 2011

Rock Lobster!

When my Mom was visiting last week she showed up with a package from my Aunt Janula, which was very exciting because I love mail and CC loves when people send her stuff. There were some cute little moccasins, a Hawaiian print shirt, and a lobster costume. Oh yes. You read that right. I was beside myself with glee and even though CC was CLEARLY not into it, you know I trussed her right up in that red wonder. She is way too long for it so I had to stuff her little legs into the tail, but don't worry. I only made her wear this humiliation device long enough to snap a few priceless photos. You're welcome.

I am also planning to send this on to my lovely SIL so she can dress my little squishy in it when he is bigger! It is always nice when you can torture two cousins at once!

"Why are you all just sitting there? Don't you want to be an agent of change and put a stop to this madness?"

"I thought Gran-Nan could be trusted but clearly I was mistaken about that."

"Someone has GOT to talk to Mommy. This is starting to get ridiculous."

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