Friday, June 10, 2011

Slackers Are People Too.

hi peeps! I have been totally neglecting this blog so if you are one of my two friends who check every day, I apologize. We have been distracted by summer and the nice weather and traveling, etc. But, I am trying to be better! So here's what's up. Next week I will try to post every day. I swear. I have updates about our breastfeeding situation, an awesome baby product you must own, or at least buy for someone you know who has a baby, and some fun new pictures of CC rocking an amazing costume that my Aunt Janula sent for her. So, be patient with me and just recognize that I am trying hard to be a good blogger. But really, blogging is kind of like multi-vitamins. You know, you buy a jumbo bottle and start taking them and feel all proud and healthy, then you start making plans to summit Mt. Everest and run marathons and be on Survivor, but then a week or two in you forget that you ever bought vitamins in the first place and you are all worked up because the DVR is empty due to repeat season and there is nothing to watch while you lay on the couch and eat homemade ice cream cones and Cheez-Itz all night. What, just me?

Anyway, CC is annoyed because she thinks me being a slacker will make her less famous and you know she wants her own reality t.v. show, so basically she is forcing me to blog more for her own gains. Clearly she is my child. See you all Monday!
"what's up Bravo?! I'm the next big thing!"


  1. Im in the same boat lady face! We should blog together... and drink.... or drink and talk about blogging.... same thing.

  2. I have a bottle of multi-vitamins sitting on my desk right now. When was the last time I took one? Couldn't tell ya.

  3. Oh man. Blogging is exactly like vitamins. Excellent.
    And I'm thinking some kind of blog camp for you, me, and Katie - especially once I read that "drink and talk about blogging."
    It's the first day of summer vacation, it's raining and cold, and I'm ready.