Friday, April 8, 2011

Amber Teething Beads. A Natural Wonder!

I first came across this 60's style baby item when one of my besties had them on her daughter Bean. I thought they looked cute and fashionable, and when my girlfriend told me that they were actually to help with teething pain, I figured they were something I needed when I finally had a baby. Obviously.

Well, now I have a baby. So of course when I was pregnant I bought some amber teething beads for myself! I bought mine on Etsy, straight from Lithuania, where apparently they keep the real-deal amber. But you can buy them all over. When I went back and pulled up my Etsy purchase I found that the guy I bought mine from has closed his Etsy storefront. This chick on Etsy sells hers straight from Latvia, which is equally cool and hip.

Here's the deal with amber and teething. And I get all my info from Google, in case you are wondering how I know so much and am so smart. This particular info comes from this helpful website! I have just pasted it here for your convenience, these are not my words and I encourage you to visit Amber Teething to read more and buy beads. They know their stuff!

Ancient Germanic tribes such as the Goths, other Nordic peoples, Celts, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Chinese and other peoples valued amber for it's beauty, protection and healing properties. Amber was also called Electra, Bernstein or Northern Gold due to its electrical properties and golden color and was traded far and wide in the ancient world. This always warm to the touch amber gem which possesses electrostatic properties was, for centuries, and continues to be utilized for healing purposes. This unusual great power of amber is embedded in its ability to produce negative ions that affects man by easing pain, activating the healing process, and providing protection from harmful radiation. It is worth it to become familiar with amber and have this simple natural ionizer with you at all times. Amber is a fossil resin with a chemical combination close to C10H16O, containing some Hydrogen sulfide. Amber is a powerful chakra cleanser and healer. At a physical level, is imbues the body with vitality and has the power to draw disease out of the body. By absorbing pain and negative energy, amber allows the body to rebalance and heal itself. Amber alleviates stress. It treats the throat, stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver, and gallbladder, alleviates joint problems, and strengthens the mucus membranes. As an elixir and for wound healing, it is an excellent natural antibiotic. Amber provides decisiveness. It strengthens your memory and intellect and helps with emotional calming and centering. It is an excellent grounding crystal, and transmutes negative energy to positive. Amber radiates a warm and bright energy. It aids the Abdomen, Bladder, Blood, Eyes, Kidneys, Stomach, Tissue Revitalization, Throat, Liver, Joint Problems. Wearing crystal jewelry gives you the energy of the stone all day long. Amber draws disease out of afflicted areas and neutralize negative energy allowing the body to heal itself. Wearing baltic amber close to the skin is a traditional European remedy for baby teething. A natural analgesic, amber will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs. Used for centuries in Europe, amber's natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties are perfect to soothe teething babies. Amber is fossilized resin, which warms against the skin, releasing it's theraputic properties safely and naturally.

How can you not believe after reading THAT?

My Experience:
These beads are great! I am convinced that they work, as CC has been showing signs of teething for over a month now and whenever she wears these beads she is much more calm and doesn't seem to be in pain. She also forgets she has them on, so they don't end up in her mouth like everything else she gets ahold of! So overall, less of a pain in the butt for me to deal with all around.
Obviously she only wears them when I am supervising her, but they really have made a difference. Also they look adorable, so you know I love them for that! Appearance and fashion are important values to instill in a baby girl, you know. Also shopping.

Shameless Photo Reel of CC Working It in Her Teething Beads!

"My mouth feels awesome!"

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