Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blast From the Past

So in non-baby related news, last night I lost an Ebay auction that I really, REALLY wanted to win. This is a huge blow because I set my alarm to get up in time to place a last minute bid and everything, and then got beat out in the last two seconds by some loser with nothing better to do who outbid me by $2.50. This is a big deal for several reasons, the least of which is that Bill told me I could bid up to a certain amount and if I won it would be my Mother's Day gift. But, I wanted to get a deal, and so I did not bid as high as he said I could. Now I have to wait FIVE more days for the next auction to be over so I can WIN for sure this time. I am sort of an amateur at Ebaying, so I don't know if this happens all the time or not, but I am taking all this business personally!

I'm on the fence about whether or not to tell you what I want to win, because I know how internet shopping addicts like myself can be and you might stay up late trying to beat me and then be like, "so, I have this item for sale that I know you REALLY want, and I'll sell it to you for $1000 bucks!" And I might be so annoyed by then that I would pay you that ridiculous amount of money, just to WIN.

Oh what the heck. It's these bad boys.

I used to have all these books. I also used to have all the Baby-Sitters Club books, all the Sweet Valley High books, all the Sweet Valley Twins books, all the Boxcar Children books, and all the Fabulous Five books. Complete sets of all of them, in beautiful condition. And let me just tell you, my books were loved. I took care of them and kept them in numerical order, and read them over and over and over. 

Well, we were in the NAVY and moved a lot, so we were constantly trying to get rid of stuff to make moving easier, so these books all got sold at some garage sale at some point, most likely to one of the people I am currently trying to by them back from. But it is a bummer, because if you do a little time-wasting on Ebay and then do the math on what these bad boys are all selling for in complete sets these days, you will see that we probably should have kept them.

Anyway, now that I have a daughter, I have major sadness over the fact that I don't have these books to give to her. So I have been buying them up on Ebay! I have almost all the Baby-Sitters Club books and am obviously working on Trixie Belden. But Mom, if you are reading this, feel free to help a girl out! Easter is coming. And Mother's Day. And my birthday. Thanks! Love you!

We'll end on what CC looked like when I broke the news to her about my lost auction.

"Oh Ebay, why do you torture me?"

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