Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wills + Kate = Tru Luv

So as you all (hopefully!) know, this Friday is the wedding of the century!!! William and Kate are tying the knot and we are in full wedding preparation mode around here. CC has a fancy dress and a pretty bonnet, I have mimosas on hand (for me, not her. obvi.), and we have been watching "William and Kate" on Lifetime. In addition to any other show I can find to cram onto our DVR regarding the royal wedding, including "Royal Wedding of a Lifetime." This is a big deal people! I can't wait to tell CC when she is older about the big day we spent watching history be made. I totally wish I was British right now.

And now a note to all you haters that think the wedding is stupid: You are obviously entitled to your own opinion, but I think you are really missing out! This is such a nice thing to see on tv instead of murders, and car wrecks, and recession news. And, as an anxiety-ridden mother I can't usually watch the news because it makes me (even more) nuts, so I am happy about this positivity, even though I know on Saturday the news will be right back up to its old tricks. If you change your mind about the wedding, come on over on Friday for a mimosa! Wear your best hat!

"Since I am a princess already, I am totally using this card for a royal shopping spree!"

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