Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sparkle Chocolate. Be Still My Heart.

I don't often get in a tizzy over watches, but the new Fossil catalog showed up in the mail today with this beauty inside. It is brown and gold and silver and SPARKLY. I'm like a crow sometimes when it comes to sparkles. So is CC as a matter of fact. And, she would love to eat admire this baby on Mommy's wrist. My heart palpitated a little bit when I saw it, and really, isn't that how we know when something is meant to be? I heart this watch. I might even start wearing a watch just to convince Bill that I need this one. Also, I should mention that it is described in the catalog as a "chocolate watch." Yes please.
"This would look smashing on me. Just sayin."

"I will eat that thing so fast!" 

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