Monday, April 18, 2011

The Only Sleepsack You Will Ever Need. So Buy Two.

Since I blew my Ebay auction last night and now have to wait for another set of books to be listed, I thought I'd pass the time doing a "review" of another baby item I love! I use quotes around the word "review" because I am just doing this for fun, I am not being paid or encouraged by any company to write this stuff, I just figure if I like it, someone else might too. right?

however if you WANT to pay me, feel free.

anyway. I digress. When I was pregnant, I spent a great deal of time looking at sleep sacks and swaddlers and the like, but I did not find the ONE until a few months ago. Sure, CC liked being swaddled for the first couple months (we used this one in case you are curious, and loved it!), but she outgrew the size we had and our pediatrician recommended that we get her used to sleeping on her own without it around the time she turned 4 months old. If you follow me on Facebook at all you might remember the time I tried to wean her from the swaddle too soon? (she cried for hours and made me want to throw myself out the window).

So as you know we live in New Hampshire and CC was 4 months old in January. BRRRRR!!!! Now, we heat our house of course, but down comforters are a MUST in this kind of climate. We were so worried about CC being warm enough and the sleep sacks we found didn't seem to be doing the job keeping her warm. Even the fleece ones were just not enough for my little princess. Finally after a few nights of CC waking up (and waking everyone else in the house up) because she was cold, we went on the hunt for a sleepsack that would really stand up to our winter-time test.


This Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest is the business. It is so cozy and comfy, and it is big enough to last for quite awhile and give my girl plenty of kicking room. It looks like it is made of down, but it isn't, which I think is good because then I might worry about CC getting TOO hot, you know? But, she loves it, I love it, and the cats love it when we leave it unattended, so really everyone wins! We have it in this Parisian Blue color, and it is so pretty. It washes great and has these awesome shoulder snaps, so I usually just leave it laying in the crib when she gets up. All in all, definitely an item I can't live without! Now if I could just figure out how long she is supposed to be in a sleepsack for...
Baby Deedee Sleep Nest
I Need A Nest!

"I freaking LOVE my sleepsack! However, the click of the camera wakes me up when I'm sleeping, so I had to draw the line at Mommy taking my picture while wearing it. A girl needs her privacy right?"

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